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First Home Buyer Program

What if there are no properties on your website we are interested in?

Not to worry, we would establish your personal property criteria and reach out to builders and developers and source properties according to your specific needs.


How do you get paid?

We work on your behalf and for you but, we would receive payment from the vendor of the property. There is no cost to you to join the Property Provider program.


What if we don't have a deposit saved?

If you have not yet started to work towards saving for a deposit I would suggest talking with a financial adviser as they can help put a budget in place to get you working towards your end goal of owning your own property!


What if we have started saving for a house but not quite at the required amount?

Congratulations! You have started saving towards owning your own property, that's awesome! You would be more than welcome to join the program and we can help push towards the required amount depending on the subject property.


What will we need to join?

With new laws in place, Property Provider will need a copy of your License and utility bill when we find your purchase property and that is all. So don't wait and join today!





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